Saylor Joins Call for Audit of State Tax Equalization Board

In the wake of news that the State Tax Equalization Board (STEB) made miscalculations which could have serious consequences for school districts across the Commonwealth, Rep. Stan Saylor (R-York) has joined Rep. Russ Fairchild (R-Union/Snyder) in asking the Office of Auditor General Jack Wagner to conduct a performance review of STEB.


Fairchild had called for an audit after learning that STEB miscalculated property market values in White Deer Township, Union County, which is located in the Milton Area School District.  Following the discovery of those miscalculations, Warrior Run School District, which is located in Union and Northumberland counties, sought to have its calculations reviewed, and, once again, STEB calculations were determined to be in error. 


As of last week, STEB recalculated property values for municipalities in 25 of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties and confirmed problems were found in at least 10 of those counties.  STEB executive director Gregg Schoffler has been suspended without pay following the discoveries.


“These market values are a significant factor in the legislative formula used to determine the distribution of state subsidies to every school district in Pennsylvania,” said Saylor.  “It is deeply troubling to learn that the body responsible for calculating those values has been making errors.”


In June, Fairchild asked Wagner to conduct a review of STEB and cited concerns that its miscalculations will have an adverse impact on the state budget education subsidies for each school district in Pennsylvania.  Saylor joined Fairchild’s call for an audit of STEB and sent a letter to Wagner urging him to expedite a review to determine the degree and scope of the errors.


“We must take action to put confidence back into the merit and reliance upon their calculations,” Saylor wrote.  “Continuing down this road may prove costly if school districts will be required to provide refunds or request additional taxes from taxpayers in order to meet their approved budgets.”


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