Small Games of Chance Law to be Updated, Saylor Says

A bipartisan proposal to help local fire companies and non-profit organizations to better raise funds for their communities has received the approval of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, said Rep. Stan Saylor (R-York). 

“For many years, the abilities of our local non-profit organizations to raise funds to keep their doors open and continue their services have been constrained by the state’s Small Games of Chance law,” Saylor said. “The law was first written more than 20 years ago and is in desperate need of updating to increase the level of pay-outs and winnings.” 

Under current law, a standard small games of chance license is $100, is valid for one year, and has a $500 prize limit. A $25 special raffle permit can be obtained by any organization holding a valid standard license, and allows one raffle per permit with a prize in excess of $500. A $10 limited occasion license is only available to qualifying nonprofit organizations that do not have a normal business site, and has a $500 prize limit.  

“Charitable or religious organizations; veteran, civic, or fraternal organizations; or local civic nonprofit organizations deserve to have the ability to hold fundraisers, earn their own operating expenses and keep providing the valuable services they do in our communities,” Saylor said. “Making these changes in our state laws gives them the resources to do so and to spend less time fundraising.” 

House Bill 169, which received bipartisan support, allows non-profits to increase the payout limit on a weekly basis from the current $5,000 amount to $20,000. The proposal would also eliminate advertising restrictions, allow for progressive games and increase top-tier payouts for a single winner to $1,000. The current level is $500. 

The legislation now heads to the state Senate for consideration. 

Rep. Stanley Saylor
94th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

(717) 244-9232
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Contact:  Jennifer Keaton
 (717) 705-2094

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