Saylor Responds to Clear Coalition Rally in York
HARRISBURG - Rep. Stan Saylor (R-York) released the following statement in response to the rally held at the York County courthouse calling for the Legislature to raise taxes.

“Legislators in the House Republican Caucus continue to work on a revenue package to fully fund the state budget. While I appreciate that Rep. Carol Hill-Evans wants to increase Pennsylvanians’ utility bills that will hurt seniors and low-income families and Auditor General Eugene DePasuale wants to legalize and tax marijuana, I and the Republican Caucus do not believe that is the direction we should be taking Pennsylvania, and our constituents agree. Despite a disengaged governor, we were able to pass a budget that funds priorities such as education, while keeping spending growth in check. We in the House Republican Caucus are carefully reviewing our options and working with members to create a solution to the problem caused by the governor’s overspending. We have been meeting in Harrisburg continually and have been in communication with our Democratic colleagues.”

Representative Stan Saylor
94th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: John O’Brien
717.787.1711 /

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