Saylor Invites Wolf to Join Legislature in Passing Six-Pack Law - Says legislative action needed on issue currently before the courts
HARRISBURG – Rep. Stan Saylor (R-York) today applauded Gov. Tom Wolf for demonstrating real leadership on the behalf of consumers seeking greater choice in the labyrinth of Pennsylvania’s archaic liquor-control laws when he sent a letter to the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB) on Tuesday asking it to allow six-pack sales of beer at convenience stores and gas stations.

In December, Saylor introduced legislation to allow convenience stores and gas stations apply for a permit to sell six-packs of beer or malt beverages that consumers could take home with them.

“I appreciate Gov. Wolf raising this issue and his support for it to the front of the continual debate on public policy, and even more encouraged that the PLCB responded so rapidly and in such a positive manner,” Saylor said. “Change is needed, but in law, not through a questionable administrative action.”

Saylor’s measure, House Bill 1733, would establish a Convenience Store Permit, to allow for the sale of malt or brewed beverages in quantities of not more than 192 fluid ounces for consumption off the premises of a convenience store. These permits would be limited to one permit for every 5,000 inhabitants of a particular county, with a minimum number of three permits available per county.

Saylor cautioned that administrative and executive fiats behind closed doors are not the method by which public policy should be changed or enacted, especially when the very issue at hand is currently under appeal before the state Supreme Court.

“While the governor can ask government management and enforcement agencies to change the rules, the Pennsylvania Constitution spells out the method to change and enact public policy: public debate, a positive vote by the majority of the House and the Senate, and a signature by the governor,” Saylor said. “I encourage Gov. Wolf to join us in this effort that a majority of Pennsylvanians clearly support.”

Representative Stan Saylor
94th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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