House Education Chairman Blasts Wolf’s Attempt to Unilaterally Dictate Charter Funding
HARRISBURG – House Education Committee Chairman Stan Saylor (R-York) today called on Gov. Tom Wolf to reverse course on his administration’s attempt to unilaterally rewrite and dictate the charter school funding formula in the Chester Upland School District.

On Tuesday, Wolf asked a Delaware County judge to approve an “amended recovery plan” written by the Wolf administration that would result in drastic reductions in the payments that Chester Upland sends to charter schools, even though a court-approved recovery plan is already in place.

A judge will hold a hearing on the matter Monday, Aug. 24.

Saylor issued the following statement:

“The facts are that Chester Upland was in dire financial straits due to its own mismanagement years before charter schools even appeared in the district. Wolf’s ill-advised legal maneuver merely attempts to balance the school district’s historic financial mismanagement on the backs of children and parents trying to obtain a better education in charter schools, and would allow that mismanagement to continue.

Clearly, the administration is exceeding its statutory authority by attempting to impose a new charter funding mechanism on charter schools serving the Chester Upland School District and in so doing, attempting to usurp the authority of the General Assembly. The House passed House Bill 530, which is pending in the Senate, and that bill contains comprehensive charter school reform, including the establishment of a charter school funding commission to conduct a thorough review of charter school funding statewide.

“Instead of working with the General Assembly to properly address charter school funding statewide in a holistic manner, Wolf has chosen to ignore the current Chester Upland recovery plan, which required the school district to implement specific cost-saving actions – which the district has failed thus far to implement – including rightsizing the district. By placing the blame for Chester Upland’s financial woes on the charter schools serving children living in the district, the administration is not holding the district accountable for its own financial mismanagement.”

Representative Stan Saylor
94th District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives
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