Saylor Unveils Natural Gas Vehicle Legislation
HARRISBURG– Rep. Stan Saylor (R-York) today announced the introduction of legislation aimed at mainstreaming the use of natural gas as a vehicle fuel in Pennsylvania.

House Bill 2251, which has over 30 co-sponsors, would task a portion of the Clean Air Fund to be used for grants encouraging the use of natural gas vehicles (NGVs) and growing Pennsylvania’s compressed natural gas filling station network.

The purpose of the Clean Air Fund is to reduce air pollution and natural gas vehicles are a great means of achieving that goal. When compared to gasoline, NGVs reduce carbon monoxide emissions by 90 percent, nitrogen oxides by 50 percent and virtually eliminate soot. Converting just one heavy-duty waste truck from diesel to natural gas offers the emissions reduction equivalent of taking 325 gasoline-powered cars off the road.

As gasoline prices continue to rise, natural gas prices continue to decline. Therefore, this program will lower the cost of doing business in Pennsylvania as well as clean up our air. Additionally, it will create jobs here because much of the natural gas vehicle and refueling station industry is in Pennsylvania. The Commonwealth is home to Knox-Western, an Erie company which builds compressors, Eco-Friendly in Gibsonia, which builds fueling stations; Baker Equipment in Pottstown, which retro-fits vehicles; and LNG Energy Solutions in Canonsburg, which is a liquefied natural gas provider.

The target of the program initially is to incentivize industry to convert its commercial vehicle fleets to natural gas. Such fleets will require enhancing our state’s network of compressed natural gas fueling stations, which in turn benefits consumers. Detroit is presently producing bi-fuel natural gas vehicles for consumers, and the only thing standing in a family’s way of purchasing these clean-burning fuel-efficient machines are enough fueling stations to make them practical.

“This legislation will move us away from our dependency on foreign oil, stimulate the economy, and clean up our environment,” Saylor said. “The need for a national energy policy has never been so prevalent, and this legislation will enable Pennsylvania to show America how to do it.”

House Majority Whip Stan Saylor
94th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Media Contact: Charles Lardner
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