York County House Republicans Back Grove Property Tax Legislation
HARRISBURG – State Reps. Keith Gillespie (R-Hellam), Ron Miller (R-Jacobus), Scott Perry (R-Dillsburg), Stan Saylor (R-Red Lion) and Will Tallman (R-Hanover) today announced their support for property tax reform legislation introduced by fellow York County Rep. Seth Grove (R-Dover). Each member signed on as a co-sponsor of House Bill 2230.

“Each of our district offices receive on a regular basis constituent questions and concerns dealing with the burden placed on them by property taxes,” Saylor said. “The Grove bill offers a common sense solution to relieving that burden by empowering local governments and constituents with the opportunity to choose alternative funding solutions for our schools.”

House Bill 2230 would allow counties to enact through referendum a 1 percent sales tax, the proceeds of which would be used to buy down property taxes in that county’s school districts.

It also would give counties, municipalities and school districts the ability to levy either a Personal Income Tax or Earned Income Tax as a replacement for property taxes.

“While it has long been the No. 1 issue among southcentral Pennsylvania residents, the fact that property tax relief is not a statewide issue is the one element of this debate that is most often misunderstood,” Miller commented. “Allowing local government entities and the people who live in them to make their own decisions is the only way to effect change for growth areas like York County without trying to blanket the state with ‘one size fits all’ legislation that will be difficult to pass.”

Every dollar generated through these revenue streams would be a dollar eliminated from property taxes. Any government entity that chooses this path to relief would have its property taxes frozen at the newly reduced level.

“House Bill 2230 would create a system of taxation based on income rather than a government-assigned property value,” added Gillespie. “It would shield our seniors on fixed incomes from exceedingly high tax burdens and place limits on tax increases.”

Perry supports the bill as one element of change needed to drive available dollars to growing school districts.

“In addition to the Grove bill, we need to amend the education funding formula to account for student population,” he said. “We cannot count on the taxpayer to make up the difference while regions of the state with dwindling student populations continue to receive the same amount of money for their schools.”

Tallman also feels House Bill 2230 is one piece to the puzzle.

“This bill, along with prevailing wage legislation that confronts one of the cost drivers of school projects, must be passed in order to relieve the burden on the homeowner,” he said. “Bringing down the price of improving our schools means better stewardship of available taxpayer dollars and the ability to do even more projects simply through living within our means.”

York County House Republican Delegation
Contact: Scott Little
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