Saylor Opposes Abandonment of Stewartstown Railroad Lines

House Majority Whip Stan Saylor (R-York) has written to the United States Department of Transportation’s Office of Proceedings, Surface Transportation Board in opposition to an application for abandonment of the 7.4-mile rail line of the Stewartstown Railroad Company (STRR). 

Noting that the railroad, which runs through a large portion of his legislative district, has served the area well and, while it is currently not operational, it is expected to continue serving the area in the near future. 

“Pennsylvania’s business climate has been less than ideal.  A major problem has been a lack of adequate infrastructure,” Saylor wrote in the letter. “Given the increased heavy truck traffic on our already strained roads in York County, the Stewartstown Railroad can provide a necessary option for the transportation of goods.  Additionally, continued increases in fuel prices have made rail a good economic, as well as environmental choice for industry.” 

Saylor also noted several local businesses along the rail line could benefit from its continued service and its connection with York Railway. 

“York County has leased North Central (STRR’s connecting railroad) to Steam Into History, a non-profit group,” Saylor wrote.  “The organization has committed to facilitating the movement of freight between the STRR at New Freedom and a connection with York Railway.  Therefore, the STRR will have a viable connection with the interstate rail network.” 

Saylor urged the board to preserve the rail service option provided by the historic Stewartstown Railroad. 

“Stewartstown Railroad has been a vital part of our community’s economic life for years,” said Saylor.  “Now is not the time to abandon it.  As improvements and repairs are made, it will once again provide a necessary service to industries in the area.” 

House Majority Whip Stan Saylor
Contact: Sean Yeakle

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