Saylor Calls on State Tax Equalization Board to Correct Errors

Majority Whip says board errors may have resulted in property tax increases 

Following the release of a report by Auditor General Jack Wagner detailing a 65 percent error rate in the State Tax Equalization Board’s (STEB) market value calculations, House Majority Whip Stan Saylor (R-York) today called on the board to implement better management and computer systems and improve training for its employees. 

“Last year, I urged the auditor general to conduct this audit after errors were discovered in STEB’s calculations in several school districts,” said Saylor.  “This audit confirms my worst fears.  The body responsible for calculating the market values, which are a significant factor in determining school funding, is not doing its job.  This is unacceptable and immediate steps must be taken to correct the problem.” 

Saylor said the board’s errors may have resulted in property tax increases for Pennsylvania homeowners. 

“Property taxes are too high and now homeowners may be forced to pay even more because of the board’s errors,” Saylor said.  “STEB management and employees owe it to the taxpayers of Pennsylvania to fix the problem immediately.” 

Saylor added that if STEB is unable or unwilling to resolve the problems, lawmakers should consider abolishing the agency and turning its functions over to the Department of Revenue or a private company. 

“This is an excellent example of the kind of inefficiency we need to eliminate in state government,” Saylor continued.  “If the board cannot get its house in order, it should be eliminated and its duties turned over to someone who can.” 

State Representative Stan Saylor
94th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Contact:  Sean Yeakle

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