House Approves Several Reform Bills

The House of Representatives has passed several bills aimed at reforming the way business is conducted in Harrisburg and restoring Pennsylvanians’ faith in their state government, House Majority Whip Stan Saylor (R-York) said today. 

“Pennsylvanians made it clear they want things to change in Harrisburg,” said Saylor.  “They demanded significant reforms to the way we do business.  These reforms are the first step toward that goal.” 

The measures which passed the House were offered by House Republicans in the last legislative session as part of the Pennsylvania’s Agenda for Trust in Harrisburg, or PATH agenda.   They include: 

State Contract Review Reform – This bill places limits on who can review bids for state contracts. It prevents an individual who has been employed by a company bidding on a project from being part of the review process. 

Public Review of Contracts – This measure makes the Right-To-Know Law applicable to public procurement contracts and provides for public inspection of non-competitively awarded contracts prior to execution of the agreement.   

No Start-Ups – Under this bill, members of the General Assembly would be prohibited from creating or maintaining non-profits which receive public funds.  Introduced as House Bill 922 last session, this bill was not considered by the House.   

Strengthening whistleblower protections for all state employees and those working on state contracts – These bills extend whistleblower protection to employees of nonprofits and private sector companies who report waste of public monies obtained by their employer for services or work. It also provides similar protections to legislative employees.  

The measures will be subject to a final vote in the House next week and then will be sent to the Senate for consideration. 

State Representative Stan Saylor
94th District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Contact:  Sean Yeakle

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