Jul. 09, 2019

HARRISBURG – House Appropriations Committee Chairman Stan Saylor issued the following statement in response to the governor’s press release that he will seek to borrow $90 million to pay for county voting machines without legislative approval.

“The governor’s action today is another example of executive overreach, like his $200 million Farm Show borrowing deal which was done without legislative approval. This continued march away from normal legislative order undermines the fabric of our constitutional democracy. The Legislature was only given notice of the governor’s executive action an hour before his office issued a press release. The General Assembly, in a bipartisan fashion, passed Senate Bill 48 which would have fully funded the voting machine initiatives.

“The governor’s executive actions risk the good relationship that he has cultivated with the General Assembly over the last couple of months. So far, the governor has not stated his legal authority to bond $90 million without legislative approval. The House is currently reviewing all of its legal options to respond to this.”

Representative Stan Saylor
94th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: John O’Brien
RepSaylor.com / Facebook.com/RepSaylor