Mar. 07, 2019

HARRISBURG – House Appropriations Chairman Stan Saylor (R-York) issued the following statement upon the conclusion of the 2019-20 General Fund Budget Hearings:

“One of the main concerns the House Republican Caucus has with the governor’s budget proposal for the 2019-20 Fiscal Year is the lack of details. This budget is long on aspiration but short on details. Those details are important for us to be able to truly evaluate the governor’s proposal. Without them, it is hard for us to really take these initiatives seriously.

“One of the most frequent answers the committee heard was ‘we’ll get back to you’ or ‘we are still working on this proposal.’ There were even several times that the committee got conflicting answers from various secretaries on aspects of the governor’s budget proposal. Governing is about more than putting a couple proposals on a piece of paper in order to check a political box with those who supported us. Sadly, I think that is partly what we have seen with this proposal.

“The governor’s proposal is a starting point and now we must work together with the administration to craft a budget document that meets the Commonwealth’s needs in a fiscally responsible manner. It is important that we do this in an open and transparent manner. Our taxpayers deserve nothing less.”

Representative Stan Saylor
94th Legislative District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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717.787.1711 /